Nov 17, 2012


The top story, of course, was that Dr. Thredson turned out to be Bloody Face. I wasn't shocked, after the last episode he was my number one suspect, leading by wide margin.

We still know very little about the guy. He has some mommy issues (remember what  the devil told him about his mother giving him up?), which could partially explain his need for killing women, but not the disgusting mask or his passion for making lampshades out of human skin (it is claimed that this material has been used for making things like bags and lampshades in Nazi Germany during the Second World War, that's the reference what comes to my mind). I wonder if he does anything with the heads (except for the tableware), like, I don't know, shrinking them?

It doesn't seem that he's going to murder Lana, well, not right away at least, because she still has to tell his story to the world. I think, in the coming episodes he might perform his usual actions on Wendy, so that Lana would get first hand experience, so to say. And what the hell is he wearing on top of his denim shirt? Looks like some kind of a lingerie, so he is pretty f**ked up, isn't he?

OK, maybe Lana does not actually deserve to be appraised professionally after all, she showed nothing but the lack of journalistic instincts so far, messing and teaming up with the wrong people. I understand that she was worried about Wendy and the Briarcliff is not exactly a five star spa resort, so she quite desperately wanted to get out, but shouldn't she have asked Oliver a couple of personal questions before she run away with him?

Sister Jude goes back to her old way of life, but is she done with the Briarcliff? I don't think so. I suppose something extraordinary will bring her back. Will it be Kit's arrest or additional information about Arden from Goodman, or something completely different, like another accident? Not sure, but she surely can't just leave for good.

The devil in Sister Eunice seems to cooperate with Arden out of ambition, but the fact that Shelley is brought to the playground instead of the woods makes me think that there's more to it. Did she want to have Dr. Arden's experiments revealed in a much bolder way, publicly, so that no one from the Briarcliff management could hide it? Wicked.

Kit's women keep getting abducted by aliens. This story line is very unclear to me, I have literally no idea if aliens are real and why they are being so selective. Is Alma really alive and if yes, whose baby is she carrying? What happened to Grace when she was abducted? Did aliens do to her the same thing they did to Dana Scully, i.e. stole her eggs? Only questions so far.

Finally, was Anne Frank real or not? On the one hand, many facts suggest that she wasn't, but I'm just not ready to close this case.

And instead of drawing a conclusion, I'll just celebrate the fact that FX has recently renewed American Horror Story for the third season! Nothing's clear about the synopsis or the cast yet, except for Jessica Lange starring again (obviously), but I do hope it's gonna be something great!

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