Nov 11, 2012


In the episode "Illusion" Conrad and Victoria are getting re-married, the world learns that Gordon Murphy is dead and Mason manages to figure something out about Emily and Amanda.

It opens with Grayson family getting ready for the wedding. Victoria wears an incredibly beautiful dress by Vera Wang and Conrad gives her a wedding present: a very fancy gun, which, unfortunately, she won't use this time.

Emily gets Gordon's body from the freezer, puts it to a trailer, and, by leaving one of Conrad Grayson's cufflinks near the corpse, makes it look like he's the one who killed TWHM. She also plants some of the evidence, like the gun from which Aiden shot Murphy, in Grayson's home. Amanda then mentions to Mason, whom she meets to show the scar related materials, that Murphy worked for Graysons, and eventually, Mason finds the body and calls the cops.

Kenny sends one of Jack's bar suppliers away, because he thinks the liqueur prices are not competitive enough. The guy hints to Jack and Declan that Kenny's involved in some dirty business, which wouldn't be much of a surprise. Nonetheless, the bar is finally reopened, Charlotte spends more time with Declan and seemingly gets back together with him, and last, but not least, Jack proposes to Amanda.

Mason calls Victoria, notifying about the ongoing search in her house. Victoria just carries on with the wedding ceremony, saying no word about this to her fiancee.

Aiden brings Emily to the wedding as his date, which makes Ashley feel quite uncomfortable, especially, when Emily and Daniel end up dancing together. During this dance Daniel brings up the topic of him and Emily getting back together, however, he's interrupted by the police, who came to arrest Conrad.

Nolan confronts Padma with what he knows. She claims she did not realize what her asking about David Clarke could lead to, and in the end Nolan is asking her how far she could go to protect the company.

When Mason talks to Victoria about the whole situation, and mentions Emily, Victoria nervously tells him that Emily is nothing but "a juvie girl".

Kara seems to be leaving the Hamptons.

Initiative come to Conrad's cell to get a deal. He would then get out of jail, but in exchange they want him to provide "financial services" to the group, and that is surely for something evil. Conrad agrees.

And finally, Mason connects the dots and figures that Emily and Amanda must have known each other before last summer.

So, it ended on a very exciting note. There're so many questions, like, what will Initiative ask from Gordon in exchange for this little favor? What will Nolan tell Padma to do about the whole Clarke/Grayson situation? Will Kara really leave or stay and avenge Gordon's death? And of course, will Mason be able to figure out, who Emily Thorne really is?

Score 9/10

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