Nov 10, 2012


Finally! "I am Anne Frank (1)" was an extremely exciting episode and I really, really loved it. I missed this feeling a lot.

AHS continues to portray the horrors of the real life, this time they go to the very dark moment for the mankind, the Second World War. But what makes the episode even better, the "modern" part of the story has been left out of narration. Plus, we get to see young Dr. Arden, who was played by James Cromwell's son, John. The resemblance is extraordinary.


Dr. Arden continues his sadistic experiments: the microchip disappeared, so he x-rays Kit looking for it, and he also injects Shelley with something that he says will make her "live forever". 

Dr. Thredson plays some mind games. He tells Kit that he must have really killed all those women because of the pressure of being unaccepted by society; and because he couldn't face the atrocity of what he's done, his memories of murders have been replaced by preposterous alien stories. Oliver also tells Lana that he could "cure" her, so that she could get out of the Briarcliff. Lana hesitated at first, but then she thought of how praised she would be for a book about her experience in the institution (she is ambitious, after all), so she agrees. 

A new patient (Franka Potente) arrives at the Briacliff: she attacked a couple of businessmen for an antisemitic joke. She later freaks out as she sees Dr. Arden: she calls him a Nazi and yells that she's Anne Frank (that's right, the Anne Frank). She later says to Sister Jude that Dr. Arden is a war criminal: he's carried out horrible experiments on people in Auschwitz and his name then was Hans Gruper.

Grace tells Kit her story, she says she was framed by her step sister and her boyfriend, who killed Grace's father and step mother to take over the farm. Kit and Grace get intimate and are caught in the act by one of the guards.

Sister Mary Eunice, still possessed, picks a very bad cane to punish Kit and Grace. Sister Jude comments:
"I don't know what's gotten into you Sister lately, but it's a decided improvement",- which I believe was a very funny line. Jude also says that she doesn't want a "murder baby" conceived in the Briarcliff, so she wants to sterilize the troubled couple. When Sister Eunice is left alone with Kit, she shows him Grace's case files. As Kit gets back to his cell, he asks, why Grace lied to him and so she's forced to admit that she did kill her parents, because her father molested her (a practice widespread among the farmers) and her step mother did not do anything about it.

Two detectives come to the Briarcliff to ask Dr. Arden some questions. The prostitute from the second episode apparently reported to the police that Arden keeps creepy pictures and Nazi symbols in his house. Sister Jude at first thinks that they are vice detectives, but they actually came to investigate the Bloody Face murders. They ask her if she thinks that Kit has the skill of taking somebody's skin off.

So Sister Jude asks Monsignor Timothy to get rid of Arden, because he's a sadist and most likely a war criminal. Timothy's response to that is that Jude just wants to believe that Arden is evil, and hints that he could replace her with someone else at the sanitarium. He knows that she was drunk on the night when the patients disappeared. Sister Jude then comes for advice to Mother superior, the person who converted her. Mother superior says that she knows someone who could help Jude with the whole Arden situation.

Dr. Thredson performs an aversion therapy on Lana, making her vomit (with the help of some drugs), as she looks at erotic pictures of women, and afterwards masturbate touching some young male patient's genitals. I'm no doctor, but it's hard to believe that anyone could truly think this method would work, and so naturally, it didn't. However, Oliver tells Lana that he'll take her with him when he leaves.

The discovery that even Grace is a murderer hit Kit hard. He comes to confess to Sister Jude, seeking for forgiveness. Sister Jude's heart seems to melt, and I don't know if that is because of his sincere feeling of remorse or because she no longer believes that he's the Bloody Face (she did see the alien and now the question asked by detectives make her doubt).

Monsignor Timothy calls Dr. Arden and warns him that there's a threat and suggests to get rid of any evidence. Dr. Arden locks Anne Frank in his "lab", most probably, planning to kill her, but she shoots him in the leg with a gun that she stole from detectives earlier (she did say she was a thief). She notices a locked door and when she opens it, Shelley, transformed to a monster, resembling the ones in the woods, asks to kill her.
Dr. Thredson seems very evil. The last time he told Lana he's not so sure that Bloody Face locked in the Briarcliff, but now he tries to convince Kit that he really is the murderer. Suspicious, right? And this whole aversion-conversion treatment looks extremely sick, really sadistic. Zachary Quinto is definitely playing a villain of some sort.

Score 10/10

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