Nov 12, 2012


You know, what's wrong with this series? Nothing ever happens there. It's been five episodes already and the writers are still chewing the same piece of gum. Rayna and Deacon are still in this complicated relationship. The story about Scarlett - Avery - Gunnar triangle is in some real stagnation. The conflict between Juliette and Rayna has died before reaching any critical point. Teddy's past is still haunting him without striking, and so on and so forth.

As I see some action in any of these story lines, I think to myself "Finally, it's resolved, they're moving on", - but in the end, to my great disappointment, everything goes back to where it's started. Painful, to say the least.  

I do love movies where people are locked in the room together and almost nothing happens there besides them talking (I madly, deeply love Sleuth, for instance), but the thing is: you can't make a series out of this, it has to remain very concentrated to be enjoyable. Yet here I am, watching Nashville.


So, Rayna cancelled the tour and is now looking forward to the new record. I wouldn't know how appropriate that is to give up on the previous album and just move on, but that's what she's decided to do. In a meanwhile, to get some cash she's selling one of her songs for a beauty commercial and it didn't even occur to her that Deacon, a co-writer of the song wouldn't sign a release.Well, not until it happens.

Peggy still bothers Teddy and says she wants to tell the secret. So, to prevent that from happening, Teddy turns to Lamar for help. Teddy then admits that he basically floated his funds with Peggy's money, which is kind of illegal. Lamar promises to resolve this. Lamar also suggests to run a negative campaign on Coleman.

Hailey insists that their relationship with Gunnar should remain cool and as less complicated as possible. Gunnar disagrees (he should definitely talk to Rayna and Deacon about it, I'm sure they would support Hailey on this).

Rayna comes to Deacon to ask for a release personally. They argue about it and eventually he declines.

Juliette locks herself and her staff in the studio and tries to record a perfect album. Deacon hints that she's just avoiding spending time at home with her mother. He offers help in getting Juliette's mom to agree on being placed to a rehab, at first she rejects, but eventually has to accept his assistance. Together they manage to persuade Juliette's mom to go to a clinic. As she leaves, she drops some pills that Deacon picks up and keeps. The next morning he meets with his sponsor and confesses that he wanted to take those pills, but he did not.

Rayna writes a song on her own, because no other song writer is available. She has another boring conversation with Teddy about the whole Deacon situation.

Scarlett and Gunnar get to perform before of the producers to sell their song. Their manager suggest to get an additional guitar and Avery agrees to do it. However, he gets jealous and tries to steal the show, which results in a total failure: they don't get the deal.

Lamar makes the auditor go away. When Peggy thanks Teddy for it, some paparazzi takes photos of them holding hands and such.

Deacon gets to a fist fight with a couple of drunks outside of the Blue Bird. He gets arrested and calls Rayna, who declines the call as she hears it's from a detention facility. Juliette bails Deacon and they go for a ride. Deacon also tells his lawyer to sign a release on the song for the commercial.

Score 5/10

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