Nov 2, 2012


It was of course a spooky coincidence that the episode of AHS about nor'easter was scheduled to air on the same week when Sandy hit the East Cost. Murphy must have sold his soul to the Devil, no wonder possession scenes come off so great in his show.

So, I'll do a recap this time.

Leo didn't die from all the lovely stabbing that took place in the last episode. He saves Teresa from Bloody Face, whom she later finishes. Unfortunately, two more Bloody Faces appear, as the couple tries to escape, one of them shoots Leo and Teresa, which, of course, doesn't mean they are dead. Then Bloody Faces take their masks off and it appears like three teenagers decided to commit some copycat murders (I don't even want to ask questions, like, how they even knew that someone got to the Briarcliff this very moment). But it wasn't them who ripped Leo's hand off, and so they shortly see one more Bloody Face, who doesn't seem to belong to their group. This story is not over.

Back to 1964. "A big fat storm" is coming, so Sister Jude is organizing a movie night at the asylum, planning to show The Sign of the Cross (very peculiar choice) to the inmates to distract them from bad weather and their fears (<offtop>: This brings back my childhood memories. When I had to spend a couple of weeks in hospital (not the mental one!) I also had to watch a movie about the crucifixion of Jesus. The scenes with nailing to the cross and stuff were so vivid that some of the impressionable fellow patients believed it to was a documentary <offtop\>).

Sister Mary Eunice is acting all possessed. She gets to Sister Jude's head by bringing her a newspaper from 1949 with the photo of a missing girl, the one Sister Jude drove over. On top of that, she contributes to the tension between Jude and Dr. Arden. She tempts Jude with wine. She offers herself to Dr. Arden in a way so bold, it could hardly be arousing. Finally, she stabs one of patients, The Mexican, who's the only one to recognize the Devil inside of her, with a pair of scissors and dumps her body outside of the sanitarium.

Lana Winters asks Dr. Thredson to pass a message from her to Wendy, she thinks Sister Jude is keeping her away. Dr. Thredson goes to Wendy's house to only find a small blood stain, which makes him believe that Bloody Face is still out there and not in Briarcliff. He shares his doubts with Lana.

Sister Jude is all over the accident that took place fifteen years ago (1949, remember?). She's paranoid, suspecting first Dr. Thredson, then Dr. Arden in messing with her. But it's when she receives a phone call from the dead girl she collapses. She gets drunk and gives a speech before the movie night start, which reminded of those monologues given by bar singers. She leaves the patients watching the movie, and goes to look for The Mexican. But she finds this instead:

the alien
Dr. Arden apparently managed to catch Kit's microchip with legs. He cuts it in pieces, but it comes back together. Arthur believes that KGB or Stasi or whatever sent Kit to spy on him. Yeah, don't flatter yourself, doctor! After Sister Eunice comes at him, he seems upset about her corrupted purity, and blames Shelley.

Arthur's idea of conceptual art
Kit, Grace and Shelley are escaping, Lana joins them, because she's no longer sure that Kit is Bloody Face, plus she's scared for her girlfriend. Shelley destructs one paramedic guard with, you know, Shelley stuff, the rest of the group goes without her and they find their way out.

But their freedom doesn't last. Unfortunately, they get to meet the lovely creatures, feasting on The Mexican's body, so they rush back to the asylum.

the creature
Dr. Thredson notices that some patients are missing. Sister Mary Eunice doesn't get to see how Christians are eaten by wild animals and goes to wake Sister Jude. By the time Jude comes to the improvised cinema, Lana, Grace and Kit are back, but The Mexican, Shelley and Pepper are missing.

Dr. Arden attempts to rape Shelley, but when she sees his wiener she laughs and asks if there's been an accident. Arden knocks her out and when she regains consciousness, she finds out that that everyone in the asylum thinks she ran away, and that her legs are amputated. Tragic!

So, we know where Shelley and The Mexican are, but what happened to this little sweetie?

Has the alien abducted her? And to that matter, why did alien go to the Briarcliff in the first place? Was it only to get the microchip?

Final thoughts: Dr. Thredson's not so harmless, he seems to be hiding something; Dr.Arden is the most disgusting pervert in this series; Sister Jude turned to God for the wrong reason and she seems to be lacking faith; Devil, possessing Sister Eunice is the most interesting character so far, and Leo and Teresa are freaking immortals.

The best line of the episode for me was this:

"Now?! But the Christians are about to be eaten!"

Score: 8/10

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