Nov 26, 2012


I want once again to compliment the fact that the creators stopped using those far-fetched crimes that had very little to do with the main story. It's already the second episode that I actually enjoyed, and there was no jealous boyfriend, or jealous husband, or jealous co-worker to blame for another murder in Vegas. Double murder, to be precise.


Farmers found the bodies of David Cornaro and his bodyguard. The news spread fast, so Milwaukee's best, Mr. Jones, comes back to Vegas to avenge Cornaro's death (It was funny, how they attempted to hold an intrigue on who arrived at the airport. I figured it was Jones when I saw his suitcases). "What business are you in?" asks the policeman, while checking Jones' id. "Wholesale butchery", he answers. I thought it was a funny line.

Savino is both furious with his subordinates, who were stupid enough to bury Cornaro in the farm, and terrified for his life. As he was talking to his crew about the unfortunate situation, one of his man and a witness were being killed by Jones, practically just outside the Savoy.

Ralph asks Savino to tell him who killed Cornaro. After he is refused, he floods the casino with cops, "to protect civilians", but actually, to freeze all operations. The news about Savoy closure reached Angelo, and to make peace with Milwaukee he wants to give them the Tumbleweed.

While Lamb and his siblings were trying to find Jones without any success, he showed up at the Savoy, pretending to be a carpet salesman. However, the cop that was checking his ID earlier at the airport recognized him and followed him. When Jones took out his Czechoslovakian gun, the cop told him to drop it and got shot. Savino heard this, run out of his office and wounded Jones.

Ralph and his entourage arrive shortly, extremely upset about the wounded cop. So Savino tells them the name of the shooter (if that's his real name). Ralph then detains Savino and drives him to the ranch. Jones hears the news about Vince's arrest and calls the police station, pretending to be working for a judge and learns from one very talkative deputy where Vincent is really held. Jones then asks for a couple of Milwaukee men and heads to the ranch. But since the talkative cop also mentions the phone conversation he had with Jones to the other (smarter) guys, Jack figures who the caller was and warns Ralph, and so after a short gunfight, Milwaukees were done.

Angelo and Rizzo come for Vincent, they need to clear things up with the Milwaukee mob, but Savino feels the threat. They drive to the place off the beaten track, no Milwaukees there. Angelo then says that to make a peace with the other group, Savino has to be killed. Rizzo points the gun at Vince and...

Shoots Angelo. Aparrenty, Chicago guys did not like that Angelo wanted to give the Tumbleweed away, so they approved his murder. Rizzo is in charge now, which means difficult times for Savino just began.

Oh and Grady won the election.

Overall, it was a great episode, but I still want to give some critique. A lot of things happening in Vegas lead nowhere. I understand that the series was based on the memoir of some sort, but they still give us some excessive, meaningless details. For instance, why was it necessary for Jones to be wounded by Savino? It didn't matter to the story at all. Just like Ralph hitting Savino in the face after some questions about his deceased wife. Or the D.A. taking Mia out. Or Katherine talking to Laura. None of this had any continuation and because of all this, the story loses focus. They have to work on that.

Score 10/10 (only because it was better than all the other episodes of Vegas)

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