Nov 25, 2012


Finally! They managed to think of a crime that would actually connect the two worlds of mobsters and cops. So my whining didn't go in vain.


Ted Bennett, the mayor, sends auditors to watch Savoy's financial operations, which made it hard for Savino to fulfill his mobster duties. Vincent is outraged, so he goes to the mayor's office and yells at Ted, who shows no intention of reversing his decision. Vince promises Ted would regret this and decides to support the opposing candidate for the mayor's office, George Grady (Gil Bellows). The guy does not look particularly promising, so Vince and his wife put a lot of effort in preparing him for the upcoming debate.

Around the same time Mia discovers fake chips in Savoy, so Vince orders his crew to find one guy and interrogate him about this. The guy seems to have pretty strong spirit, though, and even head dipping to the toilet couldn't make him say a word. Well, mainly because he knew nothing.

A dentist Howard Safran is murdered. Turns out he was quite a gambler and owed a lot of cash (nearly forty grand) to some bookie. However, after Ralph talked to the bookie, he learnt that the dentist recently paid his debt. Ralph and Jack went to visit a place the Howard rented and found some fake Savoy chips made out of dental cement. Alas, the supplies are gone, which means that more chips are about to get to the casino.

So the law and the mob had to unite their powers.They discovered that one night one of Savoy cashiers has cashed several times the amount of just under $2000. The house policy was that for amounts under 2k the cashier did not have to ask for any documents, a policy not known to the general public (although, I'm pretty sure that serious gamblers would know that by now anyway). The total sum added up to the dentist's debt, so obviously, the cashier was helping him out. Ralph took the cashier to the police station to ask her about her accomplice. It was her boyfriend.

In a meanwhile, Savino, who also found out about the cashier's boyfriend from other employees, got to the place where the guy lived. Vince planned to kill the guy, however, Ralph stopped him, so Savino had to be content with just hitting the guy in the face.

As I said I'm glad they finally found a way to connect the two worlds into one compelling story, so it was a pretty fine episode. One thing surprised me, though: Kathrine knew all the faces of the Chicago mob, but not  Laura Savino? A little unprofessional, isn't it? And why would she help Bennet with elections? I thought DA's assistant has better things to do. Finally, why does Savino always wear his hat when he's about to do some dirty business?

Score: 10/10 

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