Nov 3, 2012


Well, I haven't changed my mind. At this point I can confidently say that it could have been a good mini series, if they'd just tell the mob story, because the crimes that Lamb must deal with are not doing any good to this show.

This week's episode "Solid Citizens" was lacking any real action, even though there was a firefight scene. It opened with Vincent talking to the banker, who mentions that the community which Savino wants to be a part of values family a lot, because it consists of Mormons. So they want to see Vincent in the country club with his wife.

Mrs. Laura Savino (Vinessa Shaw) comes to Vegas and her husband suggests her to move there permanently. He says it is finally possible to live normal, non criminal life, a statement she later doubts as she sees a couple of bullet holes in his car. But after the evening at the country club, she agrees to move on one condition: Vincent must be completely honest with her

The Milwaukee mob is missing a cash transfer ("the sandwich") from Vegas, so they are sending their good man Jones (Damon Herriman) to find out what happened to David Cornaro, whom, as we know, Savino had killed in the last episode. Jones appears at the Savoy to ask Vincent about this. Vincent suggests that Cornaro skipped town and after Jones walks out the door, he orders his minion to make it look so.

Katherine and her little helpers are also looking for David, and they suspect that Savino contributed to this magic disappearance. The disagreement between Jack and Ralph increases as they view Dixon's role in law enforcement differently. Dixon is quite good at being the deputy, but Ralph doesn't want him be endangered, so he doesn't let him take part in any special operations.

Savino's servants leave Cornaro's car near the airport, and so Jones finds a ticket inside and seemingly believes Cornaro's in L.A. Dixon, though, finds a corn chaff in the undercarriage, which could mean that Cornaro's body is somewhere in the cornfield, so Ralph takes Vincent there and says that the secrets or the bodies won't stay buried forever (I doubt this statement to be accurate).

And the kidnapping was organized by little boy's uncle, but who cares.

Score: 6/10

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