Nov 16, 2012


Now that my obsession with American Horror Story is officially back, there'll be no lack of exclamation marks in my posts about the show.

The second part of "I am Anne Frank" was truly amazing: it was dark, exciting, twisted, answering some question while raising others - in other words, everything I loved about the first season of the series.

In this episode the aliens are misbehaving again, Shelley's out in the world in her new form, Sister Jude gives up on her dreams for Briarcliff, and... the identity of Bloody Face is revealed! So I don't have to suspect anyone else in being the cruel murderer anymore, yay! Plus another barbaric treatment method has been introduced, a lobotomy, which seems to be highly effective at turning crazy women into perfect housewives.


Sister Jude comes to the person mother Claudia was talking about: it's a former prisoner of one of the concentration camps, Mr. Goodman. She gives him information about Dr. Arden and asks him to check if her beloved coworker was really a Nazi doctor. Goodman tells her that he actually might be, as the best Nazi scientists were provided fake bios at some point. He also mentions that Arden may have his blood type tattooed somewhere on his arm - all SS guys had it.

Meanwhile, Anne Frank wants to uncover the real face of Dr. Arden. She walks out of his lab pointing a gun at him and asks for Sister Jude, but it's only Sister Eunice who's available. Anne tells her to go and look at Shelley and Eunice disappears in the room. Ms. Frank wanted then to put a bullet into Arden's head, but one of the guards, Frank, makes her drop the gun.

When Anne regains her consciousness, she finds herself tied to the bed, and Sister Jude is standing besides. Jude asks the patient about the creature she saw, because they could not find anything in Arden's lab. Sister Eunice interrupts and says that a man, claiming to be Anne's husband has arrived to take his wife home.

The man says that after Anne, whose real name is Charlotte, gave a birth to their son, she's gone a bit obsessed with Anne Frank and Auschwitz. The baby was constantly crying, so she went, as he puts it, "cuckoo". Now he wants to take her home. Dr. Thredson overhears Jude and the man talking and says that it is dangerous to release a psychotic Anne/Charlotte from the hospital, but Jude insists that the patient goes home (she's probably afraid of Arden's payback) and so Charlotte is released.

Kit is released from the solitary and Sister Jude (according to Sister Eunice) has changed her mind and no longer wants to have him sterilized. Nothing's changed for Grace, though, she's still having the procedure. Grace goes berserk and yells for some time. As she calms down, she sees the light. The aliens are here.

Dr. Thredson tricks Kit into recording a confession about the murders, it'll help Kit remember what happened if he hears it in his own words, doctor says. After confirming that Oliver still plans to diagnose him as crazy, Kit goes along with it.

Sister Jude calls Goodman and tells him she gave him "wrong information". At the very moment Arden lets himself in (with a dog-headed cane) and tells Jude he will press charges against her and will call the Monsignor to ask for her dismissal.

After this little conversation, Arden is back in his office, where Sister Eunice is waiting for him. She apologizes for the "seduction" scene, and he take this opportunity to thank her for "protecting" him, i.e. for getting rid of Shelley before anyone else saw her. He thinks Mary Eunice took the poor mutant to the woods, but the Devil rarely plays by the book; so the next scene we see Shelley's climbing up the stairs near some nursery school playground, and she is seen by children and their teacher. I bet these kids are traumatized forever!

Charlotte is brought back to the Briarcliff, because she apparently attempted to suffocate her baby (I wouldn't blame her, that is one noisy kid). Sister Jude tries to convince her husband let Charlotte stay with the family longer, but he's convinced she needs professional help of people like Dr. Thredson. Jude probably thinks Thredson will convince the man to take his wife some place else, so she asks Frank to find him and send him to her office.
Charlotte VS Arden pt.2!

Dr. Thredson is escaping with Lana. As they get to the car, Frank catches up with them (he doesn't notice Lana, though), and tells Oliver that Sister Jude asked for him. Thredson says to that:

"I don't work here anymore, Frank. As a matter of fact, I never did", - a very peculiar wording, considering what happens next.

Dr. Arden convinces Charlotte's husband that she needs a lobotomy and performs it. The next time we see this woman, she's nothing but a perfect housewife. Only a few photos of Nazis on the wall remind of her obsession, and guess who's on one of them? But of course, Dr. Arden, standing behind Hitler himself!

At the same time Frank informs Sister Jude that Lana Winters disappeared. She understands that it's pretty much over for her now and tells Frank about a baby squirrel she had as a child, which died and prayers did not help resurrect it. Frank says he never thought she had a chance with this project, men would never let a woman to succeed. Eventually, Jude goes back where she belongs: to the world of dry martinis, cheesy songs and one night stands.

Lana and Oliver arrive at his modern-looking house. He convinces her to stay with him for the night, and go public the next day. He says she's gonna win a Pulitzer for telling his story. She doesn't get it. He turns on the lamp with two nipples, attracts her attention to the bowl of mints, made of scull and looks creepy. She starts to realize something and excuses herself. She tries to find a way out, but alas, there's no secret tunnel in this house. Lana enters one of the rooms, stocked with human remains and creepy tools, and he follows her. When she asks what material does he use for the lamp shades he makes, he says "Skin", then presses some button and Lana falls into the trapdoor.

Grace is back at the Briarcliff, bleeding heavily. Kit, calls for a doctor, but the next moment he's getting arrested. As he's taken by policemen, Grace yells that she saw Alma and that she's alive.

Lana, chained, opens her eyes and take a look at the torture room. Besides various knives, saws and axes she sees Wendy's frozen corpse. Thredson appears and suggests to continue with their aversion therapy. He wears the mask, which now, in a broad light, looks extremely disgusting.

Score 10/10

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