Nov 27, 2012


Well, I've never thought it would come to this, but "Lineage" is the worst episode of Revenge I've seen so far. All of the background stories were cheesy, far-fetched, and pretty much unnecessary. Not much to add, really.

2006, Thanksgiving day. Emily, along with Takeda, is trying to infiltrate some Russian cartel specializing in human trafficking to find out what happened to a girl named Coleen, whose disappearance is somehow connected with the Initiative and the notorious plane explosion David Clarke was convicted for. That's when she met Ashley, who was then planning to start a successful prostitution career, and Aiden, who happened to be Coleen's brother, and so he planned to avenge her kidnapping and possible death. He basically sabotaged Emily's operation and killed Dmitry Bladov, the only guy who could know where Coleen was. But in spite o that, Emily asked Takeda to be Aiden's sensei as well.

It was a little funny that Emily and Takeda planned their operation in an abandoned building, like that fellow from Arrow. But gosh, Emily VanCamp looked pretty there.

Jack and Declan's father, Carl, is still alive and is trying to stand up to some racketeer, who obviously was Kenny's dad. Long story short, the racketeer is killed by another small business owner with Carl's gun.

NolCorp goes public, all thanks to the company CFO, Marco Romero, who also happens to be Nolan's boyfriend at the time. This story line was extremely poor, the dialogues - not less than pathetic. The CFO finds out that the account on Cayman Islands with half a billion dollars from NolCorp is empty. At first, Nolan doesn't want to share with him where this money went. So Marco says "See, I'm your CFO. And you can't tell me where nearly half a billion dollars went? That doesn't work for me." Pff. After a while Nolan does say it was given to David Clarke's daughter and when Marco shockingly wonders if Nolan is insane, he replies "if you don't get that, then I don't think we have a future together". Pffff. Really? You don't want to explain the situation better?  Anyway, at least now we know why Mr. Ross wouldn't hire a new CFO for the audit. Too many painful memories.

Finally, the Graysons. Victoria's mother, Marion Harper, whose career was basically marrying rich men, came to a dinner at Graysons to introduce her new fiancee, Ben. Victoria tells the story about how her mother shot one of the men when he refused to marry her and made her daughter take the fall for it. Shortly after, Victoria was kicked out of home at the age of fifteen, because Marion's new boyfriend  seemed to be attracted to her more than to her mother. After hearing that, Ben casually says to Mrs. Harper he doesn't want to see her again, and Victoria  throws her out of the house, knowing that she has no place to go. It turned out this was all orchestrated and Ben was hired by Vic and Conrad.

Well, this part of story was almost OK, since all those  bitchy lines between Victoria and her mom were sort of fun. Still, it was below average, starting with the fact that mother and daughter looked the same age. I know that the actress playing Marion, Adrienne Barbeau, is about thirteen years older than Madeleine Stowe, but it doesn't help. They look equally old, end of story. Plus the choice of Grace Fulton to play Victoria is kind of iffy - she looks nothing like Stowe (except for dark hair). In regards to the plot, I do believe that this incident with killing the man was not really necessary. The fact that Marion kicked her daughter out of her house over a pedophile was a good reason for hatred, murder just made it over the top and frankly, non-believable.

Oh, and Daniel wanted to be a poet back then, but his parents just wouldn't let him (surprise).

2012. After sleeping with Aiden, Emily shows him his secret box with all materials about her father. It didn't take her that long to trust him again now, did it?
Daniel calls the Marco to talk about NolCorp and the guy is very interested.
Victoria and Conrad want to save Daniel from the Initiative, so they plan on preventing him from becoming the CEO of Grayson Global.

Victoria, Kenny, Aiden, Marco. Daniel. Victoria's mom, maybe. The need for revenge drives everybody's motives in this series, I get it. I doubt we needed the whole episode dedicated the root of their vindictiveness, though.

 Score 3/10

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