Nov 13, 2012


In this week's episode Victoria and Conrad's alliance grows stronger, Nolan practically gives away his company to protect Emily, and Mason is framed after learning the truth about the real Amanda Clarke.

Mason appears at Emily's home and shows her the picture from juvie with her and Amanda on it. He implies that there was some romantic relationship between the two and that Emily assisted Amanda with her crusade. Emily doesn't share any details.

The Initiative want to come for investors' lunch at Grayson's house and Victoria suggests Conrad to fight them when the moment is right.
Emily tells Aiden to ensure Daniel takes over the company within twenty four hours, so he summons himself at Nolan's office and asks for the proof of Clarke's investment "to protect Emily". Nolan gives him the check.

Mason calls Amanda and asks her out to talk about her time with Emily in juvie. At first she agrees, then Emily talks her into declining. Unfortunately, Mason is not that easy to get rid of, and when he comes to the bar and threatens to show the picture to Jack, Amanda says she'll talk and follows him to his place.

Nolan pays a visit to Emily and tells her about the check, but she doesn't even get to properly thank him, as Jack calls her and asks for Mason's phone number. He tells her Amanda went to his place for lunch and hasn't still returned. Emily rushes to Mason's home and gets there just in time: Amanda was about to hit him with some metal stick. She sends Amanda away and tells Mason who the real Amanda Clarke is. She then gets a call from Nolan, informing her that Kara, who was supposed to leave the place, cancelled her flight and is on her way back to Hamptons.

Emily asks Mason to tell Kara that he knew Murphy and that Murphy would want her to leave and protect herself.  However, he does not follow the script to the end and starts talking about David Clarke's innocence and the role of Conrad and Victoria in his fate. Kara leaves all upset, but she obviously didn't head to the airport.

While Mason is out of house, Nolan breaks into his place, plants the plane engine there and makes the scheme on the wall with photos and red threads look like Mason planned to frame Conrad Grayson.

The lunch with Grayson Global stakeholders, including the chick from the Initiative is taking place. While Conrad gives comforting speech about how the trial wouldn't affect the revenues of the company, Daniel invites major shareholders to a secret gathering in one of the rooms, where he tells them about NolCorp thingie and asks to be elected as CEO. Victoria joins this meeting as well.

When Vic wants to warn Conrad about Daniel tet-a-tet in her bedroom, Kara appears pointing a gun at them. She demands the truth about David Clarke. They tell her about the Initiative, mentioning that Murphy killed David, and show her the photograph from prison, the one with both Murphy and David on. Kara tells them to turn and wear blindfolds, but doesn't get to shoot them: Aiden, warned by Emily, chloroforms her and gets her out of the house. Murder prevented twice in one episode.

Once again, Emily and Aiden try to convince Kara to leave, which she seems to finally agree on.
Victoria and Conrad believe that it was the Initiative who saved them from Kara. Victoria tries to tell her husband about Daniel, but he doesn't want to hear it.

Finally, Mason is arrested for killing Murphy and framing Conrad. Emily visits him in prison and offers him a deal: he goes to prison for now, but when she's done with her vengeance, she'll confess everything, and he gets to write a book about it all. If I was him, I wouldn't believe her: she's just tricked him, after all. But Mason is so naive that he does accept this deal.

 Tired Emily gets back home and makes out with Aiden. As if we care.

I feel kind of sorry for Nolan, I think he's a truly tragic character in this series. He's so desperately trying to connect and here he is: Jack's busy all the time, Padma's intentions are a bit foggy, and finally, Emily is a plain psychopath not capable of positive emotions or trust. Sad.

Score: 7/10 

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