Nov 4, 2012


So the fourth episode of Nashville in my opinion was no good. The narration turned to a display of different characters' mental meltdowns; the subconscious, inner emotion dominated the story so much, that the feeling this episode left me with could be expressed with the phrase widely used in this very series, namely, "what the hell was that?"

For example, let's take the fight between Deacon and Teddy. I cannot believe this kind of thing never happened before, and more importantly, I think nothing extraordinary has been said, nothing to justify Rayna not wanting to come home after this. Or the scene where Juliette finds her baby photo in her mother's bag: did not seem like a trigger good enough to make her cry.

Neither am I convinced that shoplifting could actually cause that much damage to Juliette's career. And the PR specialist they hired did not look particularly professional. There's been only one instance of stealing caught on camera, so there was absolutely no need to come clean, and Juliette's explanation of the situation was completely plausible, so this is what they had to go with. And so that part of the story seemed quite idiotic to me.

I understand that the creators are going after a character centered  narration, maybe by eliminating logic and basic story integrity they want to build an emotional connection between the characters and the audience.  But sadly, it doesn't work on me.

Oh, and I suddenly realized that Charles Esten, the actor who impersonates Deacon, looks a lot like Mitt Romney.

This time I've decided to try to capture and transmit all this drama using a new format: a photo recap.

The episode started with this:

Rayna has a breakfats with her sister.

Rayna's manager makes some arrangements

Meanwhile, Rayna comes to check on the country club, where the fundraiser is held.

Ladies noticed one of their girlfriends, who did not seem to appreciate Rayna's company

Back home

And backstage, on a day of performance

Some singing

And after that

At home

Somewhere off the beaten track 

Meanwhile at Avery and Scarlett's

So Gunnar and Scarlett come to the studio

And then to dinner

While Scarlett and Avery were fighting, Gunnar scored with Hailey

Which comes as a surprise to Scarlett

So she comes home...

And finally at Juliette's

A PR consultant is hired

But later...


And even later...

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