Nov 2, 2012


There are some dark clouds gathering above Nolan's head, first his father dies and now his exclusive ownership of NolCorp could be lost.

But first things first, a lot happened in "Forgiveness", actually.

- Kara Clarke appears at Grayson's home, with intentions sniff out if Victoria knows anything about TWHM's whereabouts. Victoria offers her to stay with themfor the same reason

- Aiden increases his involvement with Grayson Global as Takeda's proxy. He gets to learn that Padma requested information about David Clarke's contract details. He and Emily have a fight in the end of which he basically threatens her and later he seemingly joins the dark side, telling Daniel that it was possible that David Clarke provided Nolan with the starting capital, and because Clarke's contract contained the exclusivity clause, it would mean that even if this investment had been made from Clarke's personal account, he still acted on behalf of Grayson Global, which consequently means that Garyson Global has controlling interest in NolCorp.

-Emily informs Nolan about Padma's request and ruins his breakfast.

- Amanda wakes up from her coma, and gets to meet her son and Kara. Mason, the writer, returns to the Hamptons and pays a visit to the hospital, he notices that Amanda doesn't have a scar and later confronts her with this observation, implying that Amanda is a fraud.

- Emily convinces Amanda to talk to Kara and ask her to leave, because she might be dangerous. Amanda and Kara have a talk, and Amanda says she forgives Kara. Emily's in pieces eavesdropping.

- The robbed person makes an offer on Jack's bar and Jack seems to agree.

Oh, and yes, Victoria and Conrad are getting married, so they wouldn't have to testify against each other in court, in case it gets to this point, and Emily tells Amanda that Jack is the father of her son.

What I did not like about this episode is how quickly Amanda recovered. One day she's practically dead, the next day she's released from the hospital. To make it a little more plausible, the writers should either make her accident appear less dramatic or let her lie unconscious for an episode or two.

Score: 8/10

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